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24hr Arctic services will always respect your privacy and see your pets as a family member. We always give time for the “big” guy to check us out. Encouragement is given to every home owner to be present and participate in the inspection of their home heating system. 24hr arctic Services is a home grown, easy going company. We never try to pressure you into anything by using fancy words or intimidation. In other words we don’t abuse your trust.

Heating a home can come from many sources. Their reliability and efficiency is what we are all about. Here at 24hr Arctic Services we take an organic approach to your heating and bill control needs. We allow experience and observation to tell us what is the best course of action. Never taking a “canned” approach to the problem, we also take the home owners experience into account. You as the home owner are the biggest component to the heating system. Every boiler that is made by a manufacturer might be the same, but each home is different. The method each installer is going to use will be different, and you are different as well.

Being a repair focused company we don’t just walk in and say, “You need a new one”. We always try to fix the unit if possible. Unless of course, in our discovery we find that you’re paying $300 for a $100 a month situation. We always first look to see if there is control technology that will increase your efficiency. In one case I knocked down a hostels heating bill from $1200 a month to $300 a month using control technology.

We are available 24hrs a day and a real tech answers the phone, not an answering service. If you call us after hours, we always talk to you about your heating problem to see if there is a way to tide you over until regular time. As a long term Alaskan, I know money is tight for everyone and I don’t mind helping folks out. So give us a call. Estimates are always free.