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The household sewer line is the single most important piece of equipment your home will have. Whether it leads to a septic tank or city main, it is the one thing you can’t work around. Our drain cleaning service focuses on not just throwing a snake down the line. The experienced hands we have feels for feedback in the line that can tell us many things, from the line being frozen to it being collapsed. We always look for the most cost effective means to solving your problems, every home is different. In the event you have used a drain cleaning chemical always tell your tech what was used. No matter whom you call, it’s our policy if we can’t clear it you don’t pay. The only exceptions are in the event the line is damaged, frozen, or collapsed.

Thawing is not a straight forward process. Each situation is very unique and the wrong technique could lead to disaster. From melting a sewer line to catching a place on fire. Our experience gets the job done in a safe and efficient manner. 24/7 we are available to solve your problems. In most thawing situations flat rate pricing is used. We have a no thaw no pay rule. So your results are guaranteed.

Jetting is a great way for restaurants to insure clean flowing pipes and reduce the chances of shut down. Your home’s main line could use a good cleaning every few years to ensure good service and discover any problems. Having your main line inspected before you buy a home is more important than you think. I just recently had to help a guy out who just bought his home. In the interim of closing the main line froze and broke in the ground. This was a regrettable and sad situation as they hadn’t even moved in yet. So before buying a home have the sewer line checked, preferably a couple days before you sign. Also we provide ring recovery service; we all have dropped something down the sink.

24hr Arctic Services is always looking out for your best interest. You are the largest part of how we approach problems and your opinions are highly appreciated. Your home is where you feel safest, and we want to make sure it stays that way. Give us a call and an experienced person will answer the phone. We are very easy going and never use high pressure sales techniques. Nor do we throw fancy terms around to intimidate and confuse you. We take all the time you need to understand your situation. Your pets are part of your family we always take time for them too. We always take time to get to know you as a person so we can provide you with the best service possible.