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Your water system is a tool for you to accomplish daily tasks. You would find it very hard to shower, cook, or make coffee without it. It is estimated that we use approximately 110 gallons per person per day. The quality of water you consume directly affects your health. Treating your water is a balance. Water that is too clean can leech metals from your pipes and can even pull minerals from your body. This is why distilled water makes the best tasting hot beverages. It has been found that the only way to make a New York style bagel is to use New York water. Water from other sources changes the flavor. Hard water can make canning very difficult to do.

Water can come from a variety of sources: river, well, snow, dew, and many others. All can be made safe with the right treatment process. Whatever, the source the processes are balanced and unique to each location. Heavily polluted water can be reclaimed and even used. There are many places that are taking waste water and treating it to a point that it can be used for non human consumption such as irrigation or for purple pipe systems.

We are able to deal with all types of water and wastewater treatment processes. We can make your drinking water safe and your waste water gone in an environmentally sound way. Safety is paramount in both cases. The Romans understood it and we understand it.

Boiler treatment is also water treatment. Most boiler treatments are used to protect the boiler and heat loops from damage. This damage can be caused by corrosion, scale, freezing or simply aging. With the right treatment, a system can be made to live long past its expected time. There are boilers that have been in operation for more than 50yrs. Common household boilers, and especially the high efficiency boilers require treatment. The high efficiency boilers have very small passage ways inside them. In the next few years, I expect there to be many call outs due to lack of maintenance on those systems. Flushing high efficiency boilers and on demand water heaters is critical for uninterrupted service.

Whatever your treatment needs, you can count on us for knowledge and experience. Never is a “canned” approach used. I have plenty of references that will say just that. All our work comes with a warranty. You can always call for a free estimate and expect a tech to answer the phone. When you call us you go right to the source of knowledge.