Customer Submitted Testimonials

James C., out of state owner of property in Anchorage

"I have called on JD several times, he has been prompt, the price was very fair, and he is very knowledgeable!! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for great service and a good price.".

Venita in Chugiak

"I called JD when the guy that has worked on my furnace for 12 years was no longer available. I was a little apprehensive about calling a random person from Craig's list but I was very pleasantly surprised with JD's experience and professionalism. He came as promised and quickly fixed the problem and for less than the phone quote. I will recommend him to my family and friends."

John F., General Manager for a local hotel

"Prompt, competent, efficient, courteous and reasonable. What more could you want from a contractor? I first found J.D. on Craigslist while looking for some emergency plumbing help. He arrived at my business location within 15 minutes, solved my problem and was out the door in half an hour (without picking my pocket!). Needless to say, I don't call anyone else now. In fact, J.D. will be redoing the hot water and heat system at our downtown location, as well as some fairly major electrical work. If you phone anyone else for your contracting needs, you're wasting time - and money!"

Rawl, owner for Anchorage Auto shop (Alaskajeepparts.com)

"24hr Arctic Services performed a service repair on my boiler. I was very satisfied with the price and the quickness the job was done and I would recommend 24hr Arctic Services to anyone."

John, (retired) manager for Anchorage Cooperative Linen in Anchorage

"Over the years JD has provided facility support to our Automated Laundry plant. He solved our electrical problems, boiler issues, and equipment failures. JD even worked late into the night working to keep the facility running. In one incident our aging German boiler failed. No parts was available here in town, he got the part from Germany the next day. JD also retrofitted equipment to work in our plant, rewiring them to operate manually. He was always courteous, calm and friendly."

Michael & Kathryn B. in Anchorage

"JD's services are excellent. Several times we have needed JD to come to the rescue, it's 3 am, our heater quit worker, temperatures were freezing outside, my children were starting to get cold, so I called JD. He came over immediately and fixed the problem and our heat was back on in a jiffy. He charged a reasonable fair fee - any other company would have doubled the fee and took hours to get to my home, which could have caused pipes to freeze. He has also worked on my rental properties, installing heaters. Fixed plumbing problems too numerous to list in a timely manner. JD is the only service provider we call, if he isn't available we wait until he is..."

www.womf.com posted by greeneyez

"24 Hour Arctic Services is the place to call for furnace repair. Our furnace stopped working and I called three different places. JD had the best price - was here within the hour and our heat was back on :) I found his ad on Craigslist under services under skilled trades with furnace as a search. Great service...great price and fast service. Thanks so much JD."

Adam G. in Anchorage

"I found JD about 2.5 years ago on CL and had him do major plumbing and electrical on my father-in-laws duplex remodel. His service was excellent and he was very professional. His price was the lowest quoted and I definitely got more than what I paid for. I recently had some issues with some electrical stuff and called him back up and he was at my place within the hour, and out within 15 minutes. A good reason to add his business number to your cell, he is always there to fix your problems. Being a military man and always getting discounts from many businesses, JD definitely took great care of me and my family. Thanks for your help JD."

Carolyn T. in Anchorage

"JD is responsive and his pricing is very reasonable. I can always call on him for assistance. I have rental properties and appreciate his hard work ethic."

Ben in Eagle River

"JD came over for a plumbing issue, which turned out to be pretty mundane, so instead of charging me an exorbitant amount of money for a small problem which I believe the "other guys," would have done, he turned his attention to my 25 year old boiler. He has returned to my home three additional times (once late Sunday evening) to help make my boiler more efficient, which in turn saves me money on my monthly gas bill. I continue to call JD for my housing issues and I would recommend his services 100% of the time."

Dave C. in Anchorage

"JD is fast on the service when l call him. He did a very good job installing a new heater furnace for me over the weekend. His rate is more than fair compared to the other heater furnace Co. out there. Thank You JD for installing the heater furnace for me."

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Groupon Reviews

Relaxed, calm guy. We have a large over protective dog and JD spent 15 min with him to reassure him he was a good guy. Afterwards Rufus followed him around and hung out with him while he checked our boiler. He is never that friendly to a stranger!

January 24, 2013

Showed up on time and was very informative. Walked us through the problems of our unit and explained everything in detail. He missed our first appointment due to being stuck on a job where there wasn’t any heat. He called shortly after our appointed time to reschedule.

January 8, 2013

We actually called JD for a frozen boiler loop. He allowed us to use the groupon towards that service. Best Christmas wishes to you!

December 23, 2012

During the service we came in to check on his progress and found one of our kittens perched on his head watching. JD didn’t even seem to notice. So awesome!

December 12, 2012

Our furnace failed before our scheduled time for the inspection. JD came right away and allowed us to use the groupon towards the repair. Thanks JD!

November 23,2012

Timely service... problem solved. Thanks!

November 10, 2012

The technician that took care of my furnace seemed pretty knowleadgeable and courteous. I would recommend their services to friends and family.

November 10, 2012

Very good technician, tries to stay on schedule, but I am aware that he is a lone business man and sometimes you have to deal with things that come up unexpectedly

October 30, 2012

excellent work

September 17, 2012

Very prompt and informational

September 13, 2012


Very reputable company.

August 23, 2012 Reply

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Angie's List Reviews

By D.Kempen Review Date: February 19, 2013

Description Of Work: I own multiple rental properties in Anchorage and have used JD for my heating needs for almost a year. Most importantly he is reliable and extremely responsive to my needs as the customer. He answers his phone or responds to voice mails promptly. He is up front about the job requirements and his cost estimates are right on. I found that it is increasingly easy to use JD since he is familiar with the nuances of each of my properties and handles them according to their needs. In one example he even came out to my 4-plex and reconnected a lose electrical connection and didn't even charge me for the visit because it was such a quick fix and he was in the area already - first class character. As part of his business model he prioritizes his work based on emergency need, which means that if you have a heater go out in the dead of winter he will either dispatch someone or immediately address the problem himself if he has no one else. To me and my renters this has been a godsend at least twice. It can get annoying when he is working a non-emergency project for you and leaves to address a heat-out situation, but I understand being on the receiving end what it means to the folks without heat. He always returns to finish the job so you wont hear me complain. Thanks JD and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.

Member Comments: Excellent.

J. Cox posted: February 17, 2013

Description Of Work: Installation of a new furnace to replace existing 14 year old furnace with failed heat exchanger.

Member Comments: Verified that the heat exchanger in the existing furnace had gone bad after 14 years of service. This was accomplished the day after calling the Contractor with my best guess as to the problem with the existing furnace. Contractor contacted the furnace manufacture to obtain warranty information as the heat exchanger was covered under manufacture warranty. The estimate to install the replacement hear exchanger was in the $1,000.00 range. Contractor stated that the value of the heat exchanger being provided under warranty was $250.00 and I would be responsible for the freight cost to ship it to Alaska. The Contractor also explained that when completed I would still have parts in the furnace that were 14 years old and subject to failure in the future. After calling to obtain that cost of shipping, which was estimated to be $265.00, it became more cost effective to replace the furnace with a new model. Contractor was able to accomplish this in far less time than repairing the existing furnace. As we are still in the winter months it was important to restore the heating function in the house. The contractor call that evening after the installation was completed to check on how the furnace was functioning. The very next day it began to short cycle and within 2 hours of calling Contractor he came to see what needed to be adjusted. The 14 year old thermostat was the main cause of the short cycle problem. We will replace the thermostat to solve this problem. Also noteworthy is the fact that the Contractor was able to get the original furnace manufacture to provide an extended warranty on the new furnace (also made by same manufacture) which has an equivalent value to that of the warranted heat exchanger. Thus I received something of value for the warranted item. This was undertaken by the Contractor on his own, not requested by me. This is a step beyond that is certainly appreciated by the home owner.

J. West posted: January 17, 2013

24 Hour Arctic Service first came to inspect and clean our furnace. He said we need an aquastat stat controller and suggested we also replace the thermo couple. The furnace was working fine but needed maintenance. We were also experiencing banging the pipes so we asked him to purge the system as well. He did not want to schedule an appointment to do this work and asked that we call back the next week so that he could keep his schedule open for emergencies. We called the next week and got him to come out to do the work. I thought it was strange that we wouldn't get a set appointment, but he is a one-man shop and tries to "triage" his customers. His rates are reasonable and if I was without heat, I would appreciate his flexible schedule.

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